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Welcome to The Exercise Coach - North Colorado Springs. Locally owned and operated by John & Nikki Suazo, we are proud to support our community by fostering healthy lifestyles. We understand that life is busy and demanding, making it difficult to maintain a healthy regiment.
Here at The Exercise Coach, we are energized to help!

John Suazo


John was born in Clarion, Iowa and is a graduate of Manitou Springs High School.  He was commissioned in the Navy upon his graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1991 with a B.S. in Oceanography and Physics.  During his 24 year career as a Naval Flight Officer he accrued over 3000 total flight hours – mostly in the F-14 Tomcat and the F/A-18 Super Hornet.  He has logged over 200 combat flight hours / 530 carrier arrested landings and is a TOPGUN graduate.  The thing he loves most about owning The Exercise Coach is helping people reach their fitness goals - especially when they have been unable or unwilling in the past.  His favorite machine is the CrossFire.  Outside the studio John enjoys spending time with his wife (and co-owner) Nikki and son Vic...and hanging out on their family ranch in Mogote, CO.

Nikki Suazo


Nikki is a military “brat” and has 17 moves under her belt. She claims Virigina Beach, VA as her hometown. She has her B.S. Degree in Physical Therapy/Nutrition and a MSA in Human Resources. After 25 years of corporate level Human Resources, it was time for a career that really made her feel good about what she does. There is no better feeling than having a client tell you that their doctor has taken them off of a medication they have been on for years. When asked what she loves the most about The Exercise Coach Nikki said “We are the new therapists and I love every minute of it.” Her favorite machine is the crossfire – Nikki has never been flexible and to see the flexible gains made by herself and her clients is priceless. Nikki met John when he was active duty military stationed in Virginia Beach. They have a son who is very into Lacrosse and gaming. Their other boy is a “four legged” dog named Ranger. They have a ranch that has been in the Suazo family since 1865 and they try to spend as much time there as possible.


Lead Coach

Bekah grew up in Wisconsin and Colorado. She has her Bachelors of Science in Health and Human Performances from Fort Hays State University. Growing up an athlete inspired her love of helping others be healthy. After graduation she was looking for a career that would allow her to pursue her passion of helping others – The Exercise Coach was a perfect fit. Her favorite thing about working at The Exercise Coach is building meaningful relationships with the clients while giving them the motivation and guidance needed to reach their strength and nutrition goals. Her favorite machine is the Surge! Outside of the studio you will find Bekah enjoying the outdoors or spending time with her family and dogs.



Derek was born and raised in Vermont. He earned his Bachelors of Science in Sports Management at the College of St. Joseph-Vermont. Being a collegiate student-athlete Derek found a passion in exercise and nutrition. After graduation and relocating to Colorado, he was searching for a career in where he could carry on his passion - The Exercise Coach was a perfect fit. One of the things he enjoys most about working at the Exercise Coach is being able to educate the clients on the many benefits of proper exercise and nutrition. The Crossfire is his favorite machine in the studio! Aside from working at The Exercise Coach, you can find Derek in the mountains where he enjoys hiking and snowboarding.



Katryna was born and raised in Northern California and moved to Colorado Springs in 2014 to attend UCCS. She is currently a student at UCCS and working towards her B.S. in Exercise Science. She loves that The Exercise Coach is individualized to each person because it allows them to gain strength more efficiently. Her favorite part about working at TEC is the family like environment, the clients and the state-of-the art equipment. Her favorite machine is the crossfire. Outside of work and school Katryna enjoys swimming, hiking and playing basketball.

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